Welcome to the world of communication.

We are here to help you effectively communicate with your customers, from the beginning of their journey (applications), through the periodic communications (batch statements, invoices and personalised documents), mailing campaigns (responsive emails) and ad-hoc letters, to dynamically generated mobile content.


We believe the communication is a puzzle where every single bit is important. One missing piece can destroy the whole effort. We have more than 10 years of experience in the customer area and we are convinced that we can bring better experience to your customers as well. Let's communicate and discuss the possibilities.







Listen to your clients

Customer communicaton is a complex network of processes. World of letters, e-mails, SMS, PUSH notifications, mobile apps and - least but not last - your support centre. We believe customer communication is one of the most important topics in the world of business. It's a key point to get a proper feedback from the client, the only way to clearly express your ideas about products or services.

We are here to help you to  connect all these channels and let these interact, to simplify systems you're currently using and to rapidly shorten the time you need for any adjustments in the communication. We are here to improve the Time-to-market by 300 % as we did on some of the projects we've delivered.

We are here to connect you with your clients. To do so we use the best systems in the world.

We've successfully delivered tens of projects around the world. And there is one point we are really proud to: we never failed to deliver. You can ask any of our clients we've provided services to.

Based in Prague.

But truly international.

We are a trusted partner.

TITIO is here more than 10 years. We are delivering our services not ony in Europe, but in all countries of the world. Our customers are located in Europe, Asia or Africa as well. We know no borders because the software and hardware is working the same everywhere. And everywhere there are customers you need to communicate with. The customer communication is what we can help you with. In the same way as we did to tens of customers around the globe.

I have worked with the Titio HP Exstream consultants for over 2 years. Their product knowledge is exceptional and their working practices, diligence and commitment to their assignments has directly contributed to the successful delivery of the project to date. I would be happy to recommend them.


Daren Frampton

Project Manager

Titio always responds quickly to our needs, and they provide highly competent consultants. Most importantly, the feedback we get from our customers on the Titio consultants is very good. We look forward to continuing our good cooperation with Titio.


Kjell Beisland


Capgemini Norge

I can recommend colleagues from Titio who were engaged in our projects: they proved to be knowledgeable, diligent and flexible contributors.


Karel Kuna

Delivery Manager

We're more than happy to help you with your projects. Regardless on its size or location. We're supporting our customers worldwide, traveling thousands miles every month. Feel free to contact us!

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