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Version 10 of Kentico EMS released!

We do have an early Christmas gift for you: a brand new version of Kentico is finally here! This latest version is pushing the limits of an EMS in digital marketing again. It gives users a great competitive advantage not only in web content management but also in the entire multichannel architecture.


And what are main perks of the new Kentico 10?

  1. Reduction of management costs due to improved content editing tools and friendly user environment
  2. New features of automated content publication
  3. New features supporting responsive web layouts and dynamic image resizing
  4. New options and features for e-mail campaigns and marketing
  5. Innovative automated cross-site user contacts generating
  6. New possibility to create time-dependent web campaign scenarios
  7. New campaigns report management
  8. Increase of efficiency
  9. Decrease of HW requirements
  10. Fast and cost-effective upgrade process

TITIO, a Kentico Gold partner, has already launched first upgrade projects with our key clients. The process is fast, smooth, cost-effective and absolutely safe considering your current solutions.
No reason to wait. New version of Kentico is a major leapfrog in the EMS world. Don’t hesitate to contact us so you can benefit of the new Kentico 10 as soon as possible.
Would you have any more questions please contact our support on hello@titio.cz or call us on +420 222 262 101 today!


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